2006-04-26 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

My most embarrassing moments...
Susan Nienow

My other half calls it a lack of planning and has never forgotten the day trip I planned for the five of us when his mother was visiting us overseas.

We took the train to Amsterdam, and when we came up out of the train station, all we could see was people. The street disappeared in the mob.

It was the Queen's birthday, and the biggest street party of the year. Every beer-drinking male under 30 was there with a t-shirt that said something we wish we hadn't read. They had obviously drunk their breakfasts, and many were sunning their tattoos by going shirtless.

I asked where I could take my children and their grandmother for lunch, and the young man suggested we get a hot dog from one of many vendors squatting on the street in front of micro hibachis brought in for the occasion. With no refrigeration in sight, I decided the hot dogs were suspect, and we were on our own.

Another blushing moment was when I called my brother, and we chatted for a bit. Later in the week I realized it had been his birthday, and I hadn't even mentioned it. I sent a belated birthday card with an apology, avoiding 'in person' embarrassment.

Then one Monday evening our doorbell rang, and my other half called me to the door. I greeted my friend and said, "What are you up to?" and I got the answer everyone dreads, "The meeting is at your house tonight. Don't you remember?"

Twelve women were coming, expecting a homemade dessert and coffee before the meeting. I will never forget the look on one woman's face when she caught sight of the artfully displayed plate of Oreos and Vanilla Wafers.

It is much less embarrassing to be called because I forgot to go to someone else's house for a meeting, but still not one of my finer moments. I was in Michael's just picking up a little something, wearing cut off jeans and a t-shirt hoping I wouldn't see anyone I know when my cell phone rang. It was my other half. "Do you have bridge tonight?"

He didn't even give me time to answerknowing me all too well he later acknowledged. So I drove to the game, apologized for my forgetfulness and my lack of acceptable bridge-playing attire, and buried my attention in the cards.

Ten years ago I had to quit scheduling appointments for Mondays. Apparently I am incapable of remembering to turn the calendar page over to a new week any earlier than Tuesday.

After the third missed appointment in as many months, I now explain to the appointment secretary that I am incredibly busy on Mondays and must have another appointment time.

(My other half has been hanging over my shoulder as I write. I don't know if he wants to be sure I tell all or if he's afraid I will run out of my own embarrassing moments and start in on all of his.)

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