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Advocates for access under/over Hull Street to Cosby HS

I am writing in response to the young man’s idea [Letters, April 11] about building a tunnel to allow students to safely walk or bike to Cosby High School. What a forward thinking idea.

With some planning and the will of the people, great ideas can happen. I am an advocate for trails, greenways and ideas that allow for safe walking and biking. Please comment on the new comprehensive plan that the county is developing. Look into the safe routes to school program. Ask for walking and biking trails and accommodations as the roads are being designed. The [people in the] department of transportation for Chesterfield are the knowledge experts on road design, and they are willing to listen to ideas. There is funding for pedestrian and bike enhancements.

I encourage the citizens of that area of the county to use the resources in place to affect change and move the young man’s idea forward.

Mark Endries

I applaud Ethan Downing’s recent letter suggesting that a footbridge be built over Hull Street [Road] to encourage walkers’ and bikers’ safe access to Cosby High School from neighboring communities. Not only would it save on school transportation, as he so eloquently emphasized, it would also encourage children to be more physically active, resulting in health benefits.

The same issue of safe access exists from Brandermill across Old Hundred Road to Clover Hill High. This could easily be solved with the addition of crosswalks, giving walkers and bikers the right of way.

Hopefully, the community leaders will listen to our teen’s very responsible suggestions and implement ways that walkers and bikers can more easily access nearby high schools.

Katherine Wiesendanger

Ode to the cankerworm

Many of us in Chesterfield have been recently plagued by a very unwanted guest, the cankerworm. Our trees and shrubs are barren; it is hard to get out of our homes without becoming entangled in webs, and wherever we go, we seem to wear at least a dozen of the critters on our clothes. I’m not often inspired to write poetry, especially an ode, but in this case I made an exception. While standing in my woods and listening to the “rain” of droppings from these worms falling on the dry leaves, I was moved to create this poem. I hope it serves as fitting tribute to what many in this area despise more and more with each passing day. May this scourge and pestilence soon be gone for all of us.

O ye ignoble worm

With wiggling body, round and green A sight of awe that many have seen Covering the very world so we Cannot avoid the hoards of thee. Consuming our plants and eating our leaves And trapping us in the webs you weave As you rappel on ropes so fine From home and tree and to entwine Us wary and weary Richmond souls. Your very existence is taking its toll. We find you in our shoes and shirts And brushing you make little squirts Upon our clothes as you squash And find ourselves with much more wash. We find you dangling from hats and sox, You abhorrent and horrid little pox. And on my skin and in my hair And when naked, even there! I stand seeking peace within the wood As Mother Nature deems I should, While all around me rain your feces Your very life repulses me, o vilest of your species. (With apologies to the classical ode poets)

Arthur William Ritter

Thanks from Family Reunion

Thanks so much for interviewing us and publishing your article in the Chesterfield Observer [April 11]. You made us sound a lot cooler than we really are. We really appreciate your help in letting your readers know about our band.

Brian Rock
Family Reunion band

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