2012-08-22 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Redecorating – not what I expected
Susan Nienow

Now that our kids and grandchildren are gone, we have a taken a look at what is left after we mailed two boxes of things to our daughter – cheaper than paying for a new suitcase and then paying to check it with the airline.

We have a jogging stroller, a regular stroller, a car seat and the base for another, a baby swing, a bike, skis and an assortment of boxes that we haven’t opened. We still have the Dora bed and a fold-up baby bed. All of those things belong to our son, wife and their two daughters.

That does not include the things we saved for our grandchildren that our kids used when they were little. (We also have the toys we bought for them to play with at our house, like blocks, stuffed animals and dolls, lots of books and a very large storage basket.) And it doesn’t include the adult furniture they left behind: two bookcases, a desk, a kitchen island on wheels and other assorted pieces of furniture that wouldn’t fit into their apartment.

We don’t need any of this stuff. We can’t use most of it. So do we store it indefinitely or ship it west? If they don’t have another child, they will never need any of the baby things.

Our attic is small. I wanted a small attic so we wouldn’t collect so much stuff. That didn’t work. Now the extra bedroom acts as an auxiliary attic, and it isn’t even our stuff. What went wrong here? If we use a bookcase for two years and then they ask for it back, do we have to give it to them?

Since some of the kids are moving even farther west, it is not likely they will visit here often. We are the ones who will travel, and I am sure the bookcase won’t fit in my carryon.

Moving on to the garage: We have an electric lawnmower that is so useful out here in the country and a junior size Weed Eater just perfect for a small city lot. Since our son’s last house was over 50 years old, there is a large box of plumbing supplies they didn’t take to their apartment. We have absorbed their lawn tools – they’ll have to buy a new rake, hoe, shovel and grass clippers. I won’t ship those things to the other end of the country anyway.

As if the kids didn’t redecorate enough, they took one look at our bathroom and laughed. We still have three different colors of paint on one wall. We could never decide and after looking at it for months – well, two years – we just don’t see it anymore.

The decision was supposed to be between brown, green or tan. I don’t like any of them. My other half likes the green. So there it sits, waiting for one of us to give in or get another grand inspiration. As my last decorating magazine said, “Look for the color echoes.”

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