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Cash proffers hold back Chesterfield’s economy

I read the article [April 10] titled “Homebuilding up Sharply in 1st Quarter” and felt the need to comment. This article is timely, given the recent discussions about the cash proffer system in Chesterfield.

Some will look at this article and claim that the cash proffer system is fine and is not impacting development. Unfortunately, this is a short-sighted, simplistic view of the issue.

As someone who is involved in real estate, I know that one needs to dig into this information to find the real story. And the real story is that the permits obtained during the first three months of this year were disproportionately distributed to developments with no proffers.

Of the top six subdivisions that obtained permits, 61 percent of the permits went to lots with no proffers. To me, this says that lots with no proffers have a distinct advantage over lots with proffers. As long as cash proffers exist, this trend will persist. If this trend persists, Chesterfield will continue to fall short of its economic potential and fail the residents of the county.

I want Chesterfield to be proactive and aggressive in findings ways to grow our economy, and resting on our laurels and perceived successes is not the right strategy.

It is time to do what is right and eliminate cash proffers.

Suzanne White


Trash is coming from outside Chesterfield

I agree with Boy Scout Daniel Reinhardt (“Protect our environment,” Letters, April 17), that the amount of trash on our highways is offensive. However, the trash is not coming from the motorists, most of whom keep their windows closed when driving at highway speed.

The bulk of the trash is coming from garbage trucks. Twice this year, I have followed Henrico County-owned garbage trucks, going 70 mph, that come off Interstate 64 westbound and take the ramp to [Route] 288 south.

The trucks had their tops open and paper and other trash poured out of the top of the trucks. It looked like Mardi Gras.

I don’t know what Henrico County-owned garbage trucks were doing on [Route] 288 in Chesterfield, but I followed them past the Midlothian Turnpike exit. Maybe garbage trucks should have covers on the top.

William E. Wheeler

North Chesterfield

If you see trash falling from a vehicle on Route 288, you should call the Virginia State Police on your cellular phone at 77. For county roads, call the Chesterfield police on its non-emergency number at 748-1251. Publisher Letters can be emailed to letters@local, mailed to P.O. Box 1616, Midlothian, VA 23113, or faxed to 744-3269. Letters should include the writer’s phone number and home address, but neither will be printed. All letters should be limited to less than 500 words and may be edited for clarity or space. For complete guidelines, visit www. and click onletters policy.”

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