2013-05-08 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Trying things on for fit
Susan Nienow

I need a new desk chair. Mine rocks – from side to side. And it is showing its stuffing in spots, one of them very large.

This is not a fun purchase. It’s a replacement. I won’t love having a new desk chair. I will love not looking at the stuffing in the old one.

So not only is it going to cost me money, I have to go around to the office equipment stores and try out chairs to make sure they fit my long legs and are kind to my back. I’m not looking forward to sitting in 30 to 40 chairs trying to decide if they will still be comfortable after five hours.

Another item in my office needs replacing – my desk lamp. It shines in my eyes, and if I bend it down, it shines off the window. It is just the wrong lamp for the location of the windows and probably for my height. How am I going to make a better choice without taking them home and trying them out?

Another thing on my list is to find a new pair of gardening shoes. I need some that will make my back feel good after planting bedding plants and lifting bags of compost and mulch. My other half insists there isn’t anything like that. But it’s not my feet that hurt. It’s my back, and buying a new work shirt won’t fix that, so I’ll go for the shoes.

Maybe I should spring for a massage instead. That sounds like it would pamper me more than a new pair of work shoes. And I don’t have to try it on.

We bought new deck furniture at the end of the season last fall. I had to sit in the chairs to see if they fit. How do I know if a chair fits after only a minute or two? I know when they really don’t fit, but after that, they all feel alike.

I do know that my pens have to fit my hand. My other half likes the slim ones. I need the thicker, chunkier pens. The slim ones slide out of my hand. So when I go to the office supplies store, I always find that the pen I got used to and liked isn’t there anymore.

With the arrival of my new computer and new keyboard, I have learned that some keyboards fit my hands better than others. This one is the best – a fortunate thing since this is the one I have to use.

I noticed my other half is starting to read the reports on the performance ratings of new cars. Trying on cars – seeing if the seat is comfortable and I can get in and out easily is near the bottom of the list of things I’m not crazy about. Sticking around for the negotiations is not even an option.

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