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Loose Ends

Wringing out the New Year
Susan Nienow

“Sleigh bells ring” – oh no, that’s over now – everywhere except in my head! What is it about certain songs that seem to get stuck in the spin cycle in my brain?

It seems that everywhere I go, there are remnants of Christmas. Gone are the anticipation, the wonder and excitement. Left are the empty boxes, too good to put in recycling so they go in the “save these boxes pile.” The boxes of ornaments are sitting in the upstairs hall waiting for “someone” to put them in the attic.

Also left are the little bits of glitter. They are everywhere. I didn’t wear anything with glitter, didn’t buy anything with glitter and never bought any in a bottle. Where did it come from? It sticks to my face and my clothes, the upholstery and the carpets and lodges in the cracks in the floor. It defies the vacuum and scoffs at the broom.

Just about the time it finally goes away this summer, someone will send me a birthday card with confetti in it. Please – don’t.

One of my New Year’s resolutions each year is to go through the Christmas ornaments and give away the ones I know we will never use again. It has happened only once since my other half and I got married. Now it is time to do it again.

Another resolution is to finish my Christmas cards before Christmas. Having failed at that 2013 resolution, I am changing the 2014 version to read “before Valentine’s Day.” To cover my bases, I reserve the right to change it to “before the Fourth of July.”

Every time I see a list of resolutions, there are 10. Why just 10? I have more than 10 things I ought to do this coming year, and that does not include standards such as washing all the windows and edging my flower beds.

Some resolutions are eternal, like mending. It is on the list every year until eventually those clothes either don’t fit anymore or are a decade out of style. Then I get rid of them and start a new mending pile.

Some of the resolutions need to be fun. I need to start planning our next trip to see our grandchildren. I’ll make that No. 1. After that, nothing sounds quite as good. No wonder resolutions are always things I don’t want to do.

There aren’t any good after-Christmas sales, though. They were all before Christmas. I remember standing outside in the cold without a coat for an hour the day after Christmas waiting for a shop to open so I could buy Christmas decorations at half price.

One year I got shopper’s elbow at that event. I picked up a wooden sled and hung it over my arm while I finished my shopping. Unfortunately, I took too long to finish and when I tried to straighten out my arm, it protested. I nursed my arm for three weeks, but that sled was oh so worth it.

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