2015-10-14 / Opinions

Pickleball-tennis dispute ‘out of hand’

In response to Mr. Kirksey’s letter in your Sept. 23 issue [“Just how big is the pickleball community?”], why are tennis players suggesting that the pickleball community is trying to abolish tennis from Chesterfield County? Kirksey’s comment that “there will be dedicated pickleball courts, but not one dedicated tennis court” is ridiculous. To insinuate that we are a dying breed due to age is just rude. Pickleball is now being taught in middle schools.

I play at Rockwood Park and wait for a court while most tennis courts are empty. We are asking that the current tennis courts be lined so both tennis and pickleball can be played. If the sport fades out in 10 years, so will the lines.

To address mismanaged tax dollars, the pickleball community donated $20,000 to the county for the Rockwood project. I believe this shows our commitment.

Somehow this whole pickleball vs. tennis has gotten out of hand. Both sides should be able to play together with respect.

Martha Card


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