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Government-induced diversity ‘flawed’

In the letter to the editor titled “America’s success depends on diversity” [April 6 issue], J.S. Holland took strong exception with Mr. Violette’s letter on “diversity.” I believe Mr. Holland’s critique and implied assumption that racial quotas and government imposed affirmative action requirements have been the primary catalyst for minority advancement in this country borders on the ridiculous. Such a premise not only demeans the accomplishments of highly successful minorities (Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Barack Obama), but reflects the flawed thinking of liberalism, which always seeks more intrusion into the private sector while promoting government dependency in all areas of our life.

History tells us that almost any government run program is innately inefficient, badly managed and full of inequities. We need look no further than the post office, Medicare, Social Security and the Department of Veterans Affairs to document that as fact. Affirmative action is just another extension of such mismanagement.

I believe Mr. Holland misunderstood and misconstrued the central point of Mr. Violette’s letter. Even the most naive among us know that this country is a nation of immigrants and that type of “natural diversity” has played a prominent role in our “exceptionalism” as a nation. That premise was never questioned in Mr. Violette’s letter. His letter, instead, was focused entirely on the modern-day, “contrived diversity” implemented by a heavy-handed, inept federal bureaucracy under the politically correct guise of affirmative action!

Most Americans who have worked in either the business world or academia can cite a myriad of injustices/inequities wrought by arbitrary affirmative action quotas and target guidelines. These problems typically range from hiring the “marginally” qualified to promoting “less than the best candidate” in order to achieve some predetermined government ratio or target number. This is diversity gone amuck and has never contributed to the success of this country and never will! I believe it is Mr. Holland who needs a course in American history and not Mr. Violette as the writer so emphatically suggested.

David H. Edmunds Midlothian

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