2017-10-11 / Letters

Megasite project is ‘insane’

The county’s plan to spend more than $15.5 million to get the land for a 1,700- acre megasite in Chester [“Citizens voice concerns over megasite plan,” Sept. 27, and “County residents turn out to oppose megasite,” Oct. 4], the millions for related infrastructure, the cost of demolishing and rebuilding a school and condemning people’s homes for a new freeway, all in the hopes that “if we build it they will come,” is insane.

Look at the vacant buildings and factory sites along Interstate 85 in Dinwiddie County. Look at the huge, empty plots of land at Chester’s Meadowville Technology Park. They “didn’t come”… or they left soon after they arrived. Add to that the impact this industrial manufacturing complex will have on the surrounding neighborhoods, the water levels in Lake Chesdin, and the odors emanating from the local landfill. I see our quality of life drastically deteriorating. With another empty megasite, we can look forward to having Chesterfield turn into a place that people joke about, and encourage their families to avoid moving to.

Maureen Bergin

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